a deft dueling game played with beautiful handmade tiles

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The Myth

oh · ren · dow: the balance of power between you, your opponent and Nature

When you hunt the beast

It is said…

When you hunt the beast and you defeat the beast, your Orendao is greater than the beast’s.

When you hunt the beast

It is said…

When the beast defeats you, the beast’s Orendao is greater than yours.

When you hunt the beast

And it is said…

When nature defeats you both, nature’s Orendao is greater than you both.

The Duel

duel for control of the Elements in Nature

Orendao is played with Elements: 12 tiles that hop, swap, cover or destroy each other.

Orendao is played in Nature: a 3x3 space with Elements stacked on either side for drawing and discarding.

On your turn: Move and manipulate Elements in Nature. Nature responds: adding, removing, or changing the Elements.

To win: Outmaneuver and overwhelm your opponent. Remove their control of the Elements. Take care Nature doesn’t overwhelm you both.

Whose Orendao is greater?

Duel 3 rounds (15-30 mins)

It is said the Duelist whose Orendao is greater wins. If Nature overwhelms you both, it’s a draw.

Order your deck

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The Raw Series decks are a little rough around the edges. So are the rules.

This limited run was milled locally from sustainably harvested Western Maple. Comes with a deck, survival guide, and early access to refine the rules online.

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Made by Jared C Chapman and the Hidden Hands

Orendao is the byproduct of countless conversations — and more than a few arguments — hosted and synthesized by Jared C Chapman.

The only direction has been to create a game that feels alive and timeless. Not tedious. Not frivolous. One that rewards reflection and exploration, rather than the endless pursuit of novelty.

These conversations have spanned several years among a fluid, multidisciplinary group of fascinating individuals defined by their commitment to meaningful work.

Many of them have never met.

Jared has dubbed them the Hidden Hands.

Questions? Thoughts? Just want to say Hello?

Write to jared@jaredcc.com.

Designed and Handmade in The Pacific Northwest

Copyright ©2013-2021 Hidden Hands. All rights reserved. Now go have an adventure!

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