Orendao Raw Series Decks

I’ll say Up front, I can’t promise they’ll make it before Christmas, but, early orders will make it in the mail before the holidays hit. It’s first come, first serve.


I’d love to tell just how crazy the last 48 hours have been. And there’s still so much to do. Endless running around. The Quick Start Guide was an insane puzzle to solve.

And, dammit, we made it!

The first order was officially handed off to Whistlestop Toys 5 minutes before closing yesterday. processed_DSC_0242.JPG

I’m overwhelmed, grateful, exhausted.

Raw Series, Limited Run, Western Maple

This Raw Series was milled locally, from sustainably harvested Western Maple, at Wayland Constructive and John’s Woodcrafting. These two craftsman, and their shops couldn’t be more different, but the quality of their work is indistinguishable.

The tiles have a smooth, flowing grain. Perfect for running your fingers over while planning your next move.

But, before you do, remember this Raw Series have a few rough edges.

We recommend giving a final pass with a fine-grit sandpaper. Finish with beeswax or mineral oil to bring out Western Maple’s cream and honey color, preserve your deck, and add a touch more heft for an extra punctuated tick!’ sound when you make your move.

Burned with our newly textured woodbrands the symbols have a satisfying modulation. When finished they take on a subtle luster that loves to catch the light.

As we grow, we’re excited to explore a broad range of materials, but this series is Orendao, down to it’s raw essence.

— This is a natural, handmade product. Size, shape and color vary, naturally. — Jared Chapman

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