Orendao Walkthrough

After years of trial and error teaching and exploring Orendao, we’ve learned a couple things…

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Here’s the introduction to the first version of Orendao’s Quick Start Survival Guide. Ok, imagine… you’re lost in nature.

You scramble to survive, gathering basics like fire, water. On the edges of darkness looms a pair of bright eyes. The Beast. Beyond you both, looms the darkness, Nature…

One day you discover, burned in wood, images of a myth:

It is said… when you hunt the Beast, and you defeat the Beast, your orendao is greater than the Beast’s. It is said… when the Beast defeats you, the Beast’s Orendao is greater than yours. And it is said… When Nature overwhelms you both, Nature’s orendao is greater than you both.

If you survive this, you’ll become a formidable duelist. Able to wield the elements; take advantage of the rhythms of Nature; maybe even stare into the Void and master your own, inner Beast.

And, to pass the time, you’ll duel with others who have done the same. Who knows? You might even make a friend. Guide someone else through.

At least, that’s what learning Orendao looks like to me.

So, I wrote this guide to give you to best possible chance of surviving your first brush with the wild.

This is an essentials-only survival guide. Everything you need to dive in and start experimenting. When you have questions, the rulebook has answers (phewph), but I’ve noticed new duelists don’t care about the answer, until they’ve come up with the question.

Here are a few more previews… orendao-survival guide - three things.png orendao-survival guide - brain teasers.png

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