Update: Orendao in the Wild!

Well, let’s see. Orendao has been in the wild for just over a month now. Time for updates.

To stay organized I divide work on Orendao into three areas:

  • Design: from game mechanics to graphics
  • Ops: from manufacturing to fulfillment
  • Community: from playtesting to communications (like this one)

To stay sane I tend to focus on one area for a few weeks at a time. January was heavy on Design.


Big mechanical update: Orendao just got simpler to play (and teach!) without sacrificing it’s depth. Balanced elements and Void are getting some tough love. This update rolls out early Feb 2020. (Special thanks to Jon S. and Sam C. for countless hours of in depth playtesting and analysis.)

With the current ruleset there are around 14,382,975,844 game states. Thank you, again, Sam C. for writing a recursive algorithm to figure this out. (We’ll see where these statistics land with the updates.)

Along with the mechanical update the Rulebook and Guidebooks and website are getting a nice refresh.


It looks like the Orendao cases could be better. Yep. I agree. I can’t wait to improve them. I expect to switch focus to manufacturing this February/March.


There are, give or take, around 30 of you playing seriously, reviewing and giving feedback — humble thanks ♥ x 30ish.

Going international: due to some special fans Orendao is getting international play in Mexico and Germany!

A fun byproduct of the Raw Series unfinished decks: duelists are finishing their decks —

Have photos of Orendao in the wild? I’d love to see and share them.

Of course, there’s always more in the works… that’s all for now. I can’t wait for you all to get the latest updates stress test the heck out of them!

Jared Chapman

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