Updated Orendao Survival Guide ↓

Yes, this update is sliding in at the 11th hour (US/PST).

Click any of the Download” buttons to get the NEW Orendao Survival Guide — which you can print and put right into play. The entire document is also included in this post (just scroll down).

Due to perfectionism the updates have yet to be rolled out to the website.

On top of refining core mechanics this update is designed to make Orendao easier to Learn, Play and Teach. We have better organization, cover more edge cases, have nicer, neater diagrams, and clearer, more concise text.

[ Note: this guide was previously known as the Quick Start Guide” ]

Key Updates:

Balanced elements cover (previously stack) — same mechanic, more accurate name that doesn’t conflict with Day Stack/Night Stack

Void covers — all cover rules apply

Allied elements swap planes (previously shift to an adjacent plane) — See Elements

Other updates:

Overhauled the layout and order of information:

The concept of Control gets some much needed front page attention

Learn the Duel concepts, then dive into the Element relationships

Helpful descriptive headers guide you through the information

Key takeaway:

Everything you learn about Orendao is either about the Duel, the Elements or Nature. If you need help orienting yourself, or a new player, start there.

Thank you!

February has been an uphill battle of testing, re-testing and re-evaluating.

To everyone playing, pushing boundaries, asking difficult questions — thank you, thank you, you beautiful explorers. click to download the NEW Orendao Survival Guide ↓

Jared Chapman

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