Updates 200523

Edit: simplify landing page. Focused, accessible, reflecting the improvements to the rules.

Updates 200502

Edit: "Remove opponent's control" is a now the primary win condition. While technically a 'lose' condition, it's typically how you win. This gives new players a better orientation. Note: "Fill your opponent's plane with elements you control" is still a win condition.            

Updates 200310

Fix: Grammer, Spelling, Layout

Edit: Introductory notes

Updates 2000306

Merge: Survival Guide and Rulebook into a single, succinct, accurate document: Rules

Edit: continue improving concepts of control and general layout

Updates 200225

Fix: Errors / Missing content in the NEW Survival Guide (look for version "v20023-a" in the PDF)

Updates 200223 - NEW Survival Guide

Edit: Redesign Quick Start Guide from scratch

Change: "Quick Start Guide" is now called "Survival Guide"

Change: "Balanced elements stack" is now "Balanced elements cover"; More accurate and differentiates from the Day/Night Stack terms; Mechanics and conditions are unchanged

Change: "Allied elements shift" is now "Allied elements swap": "Moving element takes targets space; target moves toward the plane moving element came from" (vs. the previous 'shift to an adjacent plane')

Add/Edit: several diagrams

Updates 200109

Edit: begin consolidating rules, navigation; eliminate redundancy.

Edit: Orendao landing page and "Introduction" are now one page: the "Orendao" home page.

Updates 191228

Edit: online Quick Start Guide is consistent with printed Quick Start Guide (print edition also got several revisions); NEXT >> downloadable/printable PDF. 

Updates 191226

Fix: Element diagrams where Water and Earth were shifted :/ (read about the fix here)

Add: Void loss acts similar to win condition "The moment your plane is filled with Void you lose".

Replace: outdated diagrams.

Updates 191217

Edit: Continue simplifying Storms. Storms destroy all elements in both duelist's planes.

Updates 191209

Add: Survival Guide

Add: Masks Section

Updates 191204

Edit: Actions on your Turn - "On your turn you may Move an element, or Capture an element". Much simpler. Just as effective. (see 4 the Duel: Take your Action.)

Delete: Hop restriction. You may now hop across elements controlled by your opponent.

Delete: "Imbalanced Storms" - Storms only occur when Nature is Full (there are no elements in the Night or Day Stack). This also means Visibility (what elements you see) is no longer relevant for determining when Storms occur (see Nature’s Response). 

Edit: Storms - storms now destroy the top element and neutralize (see 5 Nature's Response: Storms.)

Edit: organization of sections 4 and 5 -- make them easier to scan and read.

Fix: broken links.

orendao - log - updates.png

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